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AccuraCast Founder and MD, Farhad Divecha, will host an interactive workshop on ‘Preparing for a Cookie-less Future’ at the virtual ABTA Travel Marketing & PR Conference on 10th March.

ABTA’s Holiday Habits Research 2020 has found that more than half of people say that, following the suspension of international travel, their holidays are either as important, or more important to them than before.

This makes it even more important for travel brands to implement the correct marketing and communication strategies to proactively engage customers and convert bookings as travel begins again.

However, with the ongoing consequences of the pandemic eclipsing longer term forethought, many are still unaware of that cookies that allow Facebook and Google to track users on other websites (such as after they’ve clicked on ads) will stop working on most browsers in the next two years – an issue that if not recognised and planned for, may prove devastating to many.

Farhad’s workshop will help equip delegates with the knowledge they need to survive and thrive in a world without cookies and why future proofing performance tracking should be a priority for travel brands in the coming months.

The ‘Preparing for a Cookie-less Future’ workshop will take place at 12.10pm on 10th March.

To register for the event, please visit ABTA’s travel marketing and PR conference site.