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Search & Display Advertising For Travel

The path to purchase a holiday or trip can be long and convoluted. Ads are a critical part of the digital marketing mix for travel. We help ensure that our travel clients are present at each stage of their potential customer's journey.

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Travel & hospitality brands we work with

Search & display advertising are the perfect channels to find consumers looking for the services and experiences you offer…

The initial moment of inspiration for tourism and business travel may come from a variety of sources, but the next step after that moment nearly always involves multiple searches.

Search, combined with display or programmatic advertising, provides the perfect opportunity to respond to the needs of travellers, whether emotional or functional.

Our digital marketing & tech teams can help you establish a comprehensive presence, ranging from awe-inspiring dynamic travel ads to setting up a direct Google Hotel Ads integration, avoiding costly integrations or OTA fees.

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Travel is an international business - and so are we

Whether you’re already working globally, or looking to expand, we know what it takes to create profitably effective, multi-channel, multilingual campaigns.

Understanding the competitive challenges faced by the marketing departments of the travel and hospitality industry allows us to assist you in staying ahead, while also attending to the complexities of promoting your brand across borders.

We combine our specialist travel industry knowledge with expertise in search and display advertising to make sure that your campaigns are best placed to be highly visible in what can be one of the most complex consumer journeys.

Using the latest technology to reach travellers

We work with our travel clients to understand who their customers are, and what motivates them. We augment that knowledge with technical prowess – tapping into Google’s Connectivity API to enable direct integrations with Hotel Ads & Flights, and using the latest technology in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power bid and budget management.

The topics of privacy control and tracking represent a further challenge to the digital decision makers in the travel industry. Call on our expertise to ensure your campaigns benefit from the maximum available data, while respecting your customers’ rights to privacy.

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Providing trust and consistency with exceptionally well-targeted campaigns

When it comes to travel, tourism and hospitality, the consumer’s path to purchase is full of twists and turns. It can last days or even months, while a complex range of factors and motivations such as price and practicality are considered.

Providing an experience that inspires trust and brings consistency for the user can be achieved through search and display campaigns. Together with your team we can hone in on creative and messaging that will inspire and delight customers and, ultimately, lead to increased sales.

Stand out from the crowd by using the latest tools and techniques

In a competitive industry it can be particularly difficult to make your airline, hotel, destination, or tour stand out. We get how important it is to focus campaign messaging on what is unique about your offering, and how your brand excels where your competitors lack.

We understand the psyche of the travel consumer, and how they are motivated by emotional and practical needs, sometimes even over price. This, combined with the use of the most up-to-date technology on ad platforms, provides the basis on which we build remarkably effective campaigns.

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