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Mixx + Twitter = TweetMixx + Self-spam?

By September 15, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

With Twitter growing larger by leaps and bounds everyday, it is getting increasingly difficult for users to decide whom to follow and which tweets they would find interesting and relevant. To help users, Mixx has now stepped in to simplify matters.

Mixx has launched a new site, called TweetMixx, which aims to help users to sort and categorise all types of content, including stories, videos and photos, thus making it easy for users to decide which tweets they want to see and which ones they would likely skip, thus saving valuable time.

Now that almost everybody from VIPs to celebrities and the guy next door are joining Twitter, the site is getting pretty crowded with tweets. Following many people and finding interesting users can be extremely confusing, since tweets are not tagged. It is difficult and very time consuming for users to determine which of the tweets they will find relevant and significant.

The new service from Mixx will allow users to easily find the content that they are interested in, instead of having to sort through thousands of tweets. Users type in keywords they are interested in and TweetMixx provides the most relevant recent tweets.

TweetMixx also provides a shortcut to just the links tweeted by a user’s friends, ignoring all the “pointless babble“.

Shortened URLs are also automatically unpacked and presented as useful links with explanatory titles and descriptions, which can be very handy when trying to decide whether clicking on a link such as

Users can send tweets, save pages and check incoming links from their friends on a single dashboard page instead of having to jump from one page to another. When a user receives new tweets, a message at the top of the TweetMixx page says so. To use TweetMixx, users can log in to their Twitter account through OAuth.

While the benefits of TweetMixx for Twitter users have been discussed at length on the service announcement on the Mixx Blog, almost nothing has been said about how the service integrates with Mixx.

TweetMixx Spams Mixx

A bot called TwitterSubmitter on Mixx automatically adds all tweeted stories that get pulled by TweetMixx onto Mixx. When these tweets are listed with further information regarding the links, TweetMixx also provides a count of the number of times the same link has been retweeted and a link saying “Details on Mixx”.

Clicking on the details link brings users to a page on Mixx that shows the very same article, as if a real user had submitted it. However, since the link has actually been submitted by a bot, it hardly ever gets any votes and ends up languishing like spam on the site.

Mixx obviously has the right intentions in mind. They should have thought of a better way to integrate the service and provide more informative content on Mixx, rather than just spamming their own site with every inane tweet possible!

TweetMixx enabling spam on Mixx