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Twitter Already Location Tagging

By March 17, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

While speculation about the possibility of Facebook starting a location sharing feature in the near future is still just speculation, Twitter is already one step ahead of them.

Twitter had started location sharing as an API feature last August is now all set to allow geotagging of Tweets directly from its site.

The feature is currently being rolled out. It will be available only to users in the U.S.A for now, and that too only to users browsing via Mozilla Firefox3.5 or Google Chrome.

Users on other browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Safari, in the U.S.A and all users anywhere else in the world will have to await their turn patiently.

Location tagging will come with the choice for users to opt in and will remain off by default, thereby avoiding controversies regarding user privacy. Those interested in using the location sharing feature will have to adjust their account settings accordingly.

Twitter LogoUsers will get the choice of broadcasting their exact location or an approximate location such as a neighbourhood or town name. They will also be able to switch on or off the location feature with each tweet. User will be able to delete their entire location history if they decide to do so.

Those who wish to start using the location sharing feature should first read instructions provided on the support page about tweeting with your location.