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Twitter May Sell Followers

By July 13, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

There is a rumour going around that Twitter will soon make it possible to buy followers.

According to ‘All Things Digital’ it has been suggested by sources who are likely to have some inside information, that Twitter is planning to lay out a new feature to help monetize their site.

According to sources, Twitter could be in the process of setting up something like ‘Promoted Tweets’. This feature may highlight certain user accounts, and thus increase their follower base.

While it seems a little different from Twitter’s earlier policy, it is likely that they may create a system by which users could pay to promote their tweets and profiles in order to achieve a larger fan following. Twitter in turn may charge the users based on the number of new followers gained or on the extent of exposure achieved.

A new site, ‘TweetUp’ has already got a similar system, which allows users to build up their follower base.

Since Twitter has refused to confirm or deny any such plans, the available information is very sketchy. However, it is believed that the feature would eventually be web and third party application compatible.

Twitter spokesperson, Sean Garett only says “eventually (the company would) have full suites of both promoted and commercial products.”