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Yahoo! Buzz Launches In India

By May 29, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Yahoo! has been trying hard to reestablish themselves in the market in spite of tough competition and a global recession. To achieve this goal, they are making a number of changes in various aspects of their business.

A significant step is the launch of Yahoo! Buzz in India, and the simultaneous release of upgrades to the service.

Yahoo! has probably chosen India as its launch pad for the improved Buzz service in the international market because it is fairly similar to Digg, which is quite popular there. In India the focus of Yahoo! Buzz will obviously be stories related to India. They have initially tied up to work with a few select Indian publishers and may open doors to others later.

The new Yahoo! Buzz feature is called Buzz Updates. Buzz Updates will show its signed in users, the comments and votes which have been posted by their friends. Another feature of Buzz Updates is to suggest a headline and a description when a user submits a URL.

While Yahoo! Buzz is similar to Digg, the latter is certainly more lively and entertaining, but Yahoo! Buzz is also quite popular on the social media circuit.

According to Business Insider news, Yahoo! is also trying to make it big on the social networking scene.

CTO Ari Balogh said a few days ago, that “Yahoo! is looking to buy companies that will allow it to become a big player in social networking and revamp its family of products”. It is also an appropriate time to buy according to him, as values have fallen from what they were 6-9 months ago.

Yahoo! also intends to put in some new products by this fall, which will provide users with a unified experience across all Yahoo! sites and thus help it to grow.

In the meantime, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft are in talks to partner with each other on search, while Yahoo! is also trying to improve its own search capabilities.

Bartz and Ballmer are also encouraging their engineering and product development staff to create better mobile products. They plant to introduce features to unite a user’s personal settings for all Yahoo! products on mobile phone and PCs.