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Yahoo! Display Ad Builder

By June 30, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Yahoo! recently announced a tie-up with Ad-Ready, a Seattle based Start-up Company to provide ready made custom built display ads to their marketers and advertisers.

The service will be called Yahoo! My Display Ads, and will initially be launched as a pilot project.

In the past, it has not been easy for small business enterprises to have display ads, as it required a very large budget and also the technical know-how, for which one had to hire specialized agencies, further adding to the costs. With Yahoo! My Display Ads, it will be possible to have display ads with budgets as low as $30 per day.

The Yahoo! My Display Ads will provide over 800 ready to use display templates, thus making the process of building display ads a do-it-yourself procedure. Of course advertisers can also bring in their own ads if they wish to do so. They will have a choice of selecting to pay for the ads on a cost per click basis or on a cost per thousand impressions basis.

The deals will be conducted through Yahoo’s! Right Media Exchange, and the ad inventory will be inclusive of both Yahoo! owned and network properties.

This simplified process of making display ads should be able to encourage marketers to change over from the traditional text ads to display ads.