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Yahoo! Launches New Ad Targeting Products

By March 2, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Following closely on the heels of Rich Ads, last week, Yahoo! has launched three new products that will further help their online advertisers to better reach their target audience and get better value for the money they spend on advertising.

Two of these new products are meant for display ads while the third is for sponsored search ads.

Search Retargeting

Search retargeting allows advertisers to display ads to their target audience, based on the user’s search activities. For e.g. when a user types in the keyword ‘Sandals’, the advertiser can display ads for different types of footwear, encouraging the user to make his purchase online.

According to reports from the University of Phoenix, Search Retargeting allowed them to reach their targets at 50% lower costs than required in regular display retargeting efforts.

Enhanced Retargeting

Enhanced retargeting enables the advertiser to put up dynamically generated display ads across the entire Yahoo! network, depending on the user’s activities on the advertiser’s site. For e.g. when a user visits a page on the Yahoo! network, looking for details about flights from one destination to another, the advertiser can make a personalized offer to that customer for that specific flight.

A leading online travel company reported a 230% increase in the total bookings and a 651% increase in the click through rate with enhanced retargeting, compared to the traditional retargeting methods.

Enhanced Targeting

This is a combination of ad scheduling and demographic targeting within search. With this product, advertisers can control where and when the ad is shown, at the campaign as well as ad group levels. They can decide the time of day and days of the week when ads should appear. Advertisers can also decide the demographics (gender and age group of the user) that their ad should reach. The advertisers will be able to vary bids according to the different segments to increase the ability to reach a desired audience.

These announcements were made at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual conference, as part of Yahoo!’s keynote presentation. During their presentation Yahoo! urged advertisers to stop the “artificial boundaries” being put up between display and search ads and make optimal use of search targeting products reach maximum users.