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YouTube Trends was launched last year to allow users to find out what the topics of focus have been on YouTube. A new service, YouTube Trends Dashboard has now launched to seemingly help agencies promote brands on the online video platform.

Topics of interest can range from news and events to pop culture, people, new ideas and much more. For instance, during the last week, some of the videos in trending topics ranged from footage of the protests in Syria and a tornado in Pennsylvania to a videos about the supposed worst singer in the world and cartoons about the Middle East leaders.

The Trends blog lets people get to know what is happening around the world in real time. The feature highlights the daily trending topics twice a day – at 4.00 a.m. ET and at 4.00 p.m. ET. The four most viewed videos during this time frame are highlighted.

YouTube Trends Dashboard allows users to find out what are the hottest topics of the day across different demographic groups worldwide. The most popular videos of the day are shown according to location, age group and gender of the user along with information about the most shared, trending videos and trending topics.

In the screenshot above, the YouTube Trends Dashboard is being used to compare the most viewed videos in the United Kingdom for Males versus Females aged 25 – 34 years versus all users aged 55 – 64 years. Videos that are unique to the older demographic are highlighted with the red number.

This feature can be of great help to advertisers and agencies as it can tell them what sort of topics a particular group of people would be interested in. They can then select appropriate ad content designed specifically for their target audience.