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Mobile Search Advertising Set To Exceed $16 Billion

The proportion of the population now using their phones to browse the internet has risen at an extraordinary rate. In fact, according to Nielsen, Americans now spend more time browsing the web using mobile devices than they do on their desktop computers. Read more →

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Mobile Search Ad Spend Up 150%

As the world continues to get better connected, due to the availability of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets, it is important for advertisers to realise that consumers tend to interact more and more with various brands and ads on their mobile devices. Read more →

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Google Offers App To Combat Groupon

Google Offers is now available as a mobile app for Android phones. The Google Mobile Blog describes this app as an app that will “allow users to discover, buy and redeem their favourite deals on the go.” Read more →

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Google Announces Nexus One

Google has confirmed the launch of the Nexus One mobile phone at a press event held at their Mountain View headquarters on 5 January 2010. The phone will be available to buy and use immediately, direct from their website. Read more →

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Confirmed: Google Making Own Phone

It has finally been confirmed that the rumors floating around about Google making their own phone are true. Read more →

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Best Buy Installing Google Mobile App

Google has managed to convince one of the largest electronics retailers in the USA to promote their mobile search application. Best Buy Mobile representatives will now offer their customers the option to get the Google Mobile App installed for free on smartphones that are bought in their retail outlets. Read more →

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Google Launches Go Mobile! Site

Google AdWords recently launched a new resource to help marketers reach mobile Internet audiences more easily. This service is called Go Mobile! Read more →

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Google Shares Mobile Search Volumes For The First Time

Google’s new keyword tool, currently in beta has a lot of good new features – integration with other tools, filtering options and categorisation – but the best feature is almost un-noticeable: The ability to see stats for mobile searches. Read more →

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Google Annihilates Microsoft, Yahoo! In Mobile

If Global Stats from StatCounter are to be believed, Microsoft and Yahoo! might as well pack their bags and say goodbye to mobile search, because Google reportedly owns 97% of the market. Read more →

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SmartPhone Market Share April 2009

A report comparing the respective market share of SmartPhones by operating system, as against the market share of the mobile web and application usage during the month of April 2009 has recently been released by AdMob. Read more →

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Google Unveiling A Social Agenda For Mobile?

Last week saw Google launch two very social applications for mobile handsets. The first, Latitude, allows users to see where their friends are on a mobile map. The latest release, My Tracks, allows users to share where they have been. Read more →

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Google Latitude Ushers New Era In Mobile Social Activity

Google Latitude, the latest service from the UK’s favourite brand, was launched this week. Users can find out where their friends and contacts are and can send and receive status messages via their mobile handsets. Read more →

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Google Leads The Way For Mobile Search

Figures released by comScore have revealed that mobile search has grown in leaps and bounds over the last year. Google, expectedly, is the leader in mobile search services and has more than 60% market share in all the countries where the survey was conducted. Read more →

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Google Establishes Mobile Search Market Leadership

Nielsen Mobile has just confirmed that Google leads the U.S. mobile search market with a 61 percent share of the market. Read more →

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Directions For Public Transportation Through Mobiles

In the past users have surely benefited, from the inclusion of directions for public transportation on Google Maps, as it makes it easier for them to travel from place to place, by buses and trains, without the risk of getting lost by getting onto the wrong bus or train. People can also save on the expensive fuel required to use their own cars, and indirectly also reduce traffic jams. Read more →

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Microsoft Enhances Mobile Advertising Offering

Microsoft is enhancing its mobile advertising platform at long last. An announcement to this effect was made last week, at the online advertising leadership forum, advance08. Read more →

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Google Offers Banner Advertising On Mobile

Google has just announced some progress on the mobile ad front. They have started displaying banner ads on mobiles. Advertisers who use Google’s AdWords service will be able to choose between displaying plain text or banner ads to mobile Internet users. Read more →

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Breaking Barriers To Mobile Advertising

While it has been widely predicted that mobile advertising is set to become big business, there is still a long way to go. Advertisers would be smart to start learning some lessons from other forms of digital media, and start testing their service offerings on consumers who already use advanced mobile handsets. Read more →

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Google Loses Wireless Spectrum Auction To Verizon

Verizon turned out to be the biggest spender at the recently concluded 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction, out-bidding even Google. They spent an estimated $9.6 billion to buy over a large chunk of the spectrum that was auctioned by the FCC. Read more →

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Mobile Advertising Spreads Its Wings In The USA

A bi-annual report from Nielsen Mobile found that 58 million, that is about 23%, of all U.S. mobile phones users have viewed mobile advertising in the last 1 month. Of these, 28 million subscribers say they responded to the ad in one way or another. Read more →

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