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Confirmed: Google Making Own Phone

By December 11, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

It has finally been confirmed that the rumors floating around about Google making their own phone are true.

The confirmation has come through none other than the Wall Street Journal.

While it was earlier speculated that the new phone would be launched before the end of this year, it has now been confirmed by sources close to the matter that the phone will in fact be launched early next year, possibly in January itself.

The new phone has been given the name Nexus One, and the hardware required for it is being built by HTC. The phone has actually been designed by Google. This new phone may be similar to the forthcoming HTC Passion or might in fact be a renamed version of the same.

The operating system for this phone will of course be Android. The other features expected on this phone are that it will have a capacitive touch screen, on-screen keyboard, a thin scroll ball and animated desktop wallpaper.

It will be sold in the unlocked state and will be sold without any subsidy from a wireless partner. At least initially the phone will be available directly from Google online.

The launch of this new phone by the Internet giant will not only give competition to all other smart phones in the market, but it also highlights Google’s ambitions of expanding their own horizons further.