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Google Offers is now available as a mobile app for Android phones. The Google Mobile Blog describes this app as an app that will “allow users to discover, buy and redeem their favourite deals on the go.”

The Offers app is free, of course, and users will be notified about all the offers available. Users will be able to make purchases within a few clicks and they will even be able to redeem the offers without the use of any paper forms, from certain selected outlets.

The app is based on four different screens.

  • A “Featured” screen that’s the deal of the day.
  • A daily deal notifier, which alerts you about the deals that are available.
  • An archive screen, which shows the deals that the user has made use of or saved, as well as the deals that have expired.
  • A screen for redeeming offers without printing them.

While the success of Groupon has led to the proliferation of several websites providing such deals, it is very likely that an app like this from Google will be more welcomed by users. The timing for the launch of this app is also commendable as it has come just at the time, when people would start their shopping for the upcoming holiday season.

Groupon already has a fairly successful Android app, with over 1 million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Google’s new Offers app has less than 50,000 downloads to date, with an average rating of 3.6 and quite a high percentage of pretty poor ratings

If Google expects to steal any market share from Groupon, it is obvious that they will have to do a lot more than just release a mobile app – for starters by getting more offers in all major US cities!