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AdMob Launches Facebook Mobile Advertising

By November 1, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Facebook Platform for Mobile allows developers to build applications that integrate with Facebook via user profiles and canvas as well as through SMS. Application developers can now monetise their apps by including mobile advertising from AdMob.

AdMob hired Facebook’s Vice President of Engineering back in February of this year. Todaym they have become the first platform to provide advertising on Facebook Mobile, hardly a week after Facebook Platform for Mobile was launched.

Application developers can integrate mobile advertising from AdMob into any application developed for Facebook Mobile. AdMob provide developers a sample application called AdMob Footprints, based on Facebook’s own developer resource called Footprints. The tool, which is coded in PHP, can be used as the starting point to build apps that have the mobile advertising function already included.

AdMob on Facebook Mobile

The best way to monetise Facebook and other social networks at present seems to be by tapping into their application developers. Yesterday’s news from Google about Open Social seems to indicate this and so does AdMob’s strategy. When Facebook launches its own advertising platform, though, it could end up competing with other ads from outside its own network, which could very quickly lead to ad fatigue among users if Facebook is not careful.