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Adscape Media Acquired By Google

By March 19, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google have just announced their acquisition of Adscape Media, a company that provides in-game advertising techology, in a move that will definitely inconvenience rivals, Microsoft.

San Francisco based Adscape Media offers dynamic delivery of advertising in PC and console games, with plot and storyline integration. Adscape Media supports sophisticated demographic and geographic targeting and also provides a robust reporting interface for marketers.

The $23 million acquisition gives Google access to some patents that pre-date the Xbox console, and could potentially create problems for Microsoft. Adscape does not currently have any relationships in place with any game creators, whereas Microsoft subsidiary, Massive – which was acquired for $200 million by the makers of Xbox last year, has deals in place with THQ, UbiSoft and Take-Two.

AdWords advertisers could soon have yet another possible channel to advertise their products and services.