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AdWords Allows Alcohol Advertising

By December 10, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

As per the latest alterations made to the Google AdWords editorial policies, which are “reviewed” from time to time, it will now be possible for alcohol manufacturers to advertise their products in the U.S. through AdWords. This was not permitted until now.

Beer manufacturers will be allowed to directly advertise the sale of their products.

Manufacturers of hard alcohol and liqueurs, on the other hand will not be able to directly advertise the sale of their products. They will only be allowed to provide information about the hard alcohol or liqueurs, such as providing the recipes, which are available on their websites or sending brand messages.

To give an example of this new policy, AdWords explains, that hard alcohol and liqueur can be marketed to people who are on the lookout for relevant alcohol related information. In other words, search advertising will be allowed. They can suggest ideas for cocktails to be served during the holiday season and the calorie content of these drinks etc.

While beer manufacturers have been given a free hand to market their commodity, even the manufacturers of hard alcohol and liqueur will be able to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season, to reach their target audience.

These changes to the policy have been made keeping in mind, the feedback received by Google AdWords, from their advertisers over the years. It is obvious of course, that it will also help AdWords to generate some much needed revenue.

In the coming weeks Adwords will also expand this new policy to cover other countries, keeping in mind the local rules and regulations regarding alcohol.

For further details on the alcohol policy, interested users may visit AdWords’ Advertising Policies Page.