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Bing! Microsoft Might Have A Winner

By June 4, 2009July 30th, 20232 Comments

After the recent launch of Microsoft Bing last week, the initial reviews for this new ‘decision engine did not seem to be very encouraging. Now, however, only a few days later, the situation seems to be changing.

The latest reports received from users seem to be very favorable for Bing.

The reports sent in last week, generally gave the impression that this new effort by Microsoft, was nothing great, and Microsoft would not be able to hold its own, against Google in the search engine market, no matter how hard they tried.

In fact one enterprising blogger even coined an acronym for Bing. ‘But It’s Not Google.

The more recently received comments and reviews are a complete turn around, when compared to these earlier reports.

Now people are not only appreciating Bing, and saying that it is good, some of them are even saying that it is better than good old Google and they may now switch loyalties to Bing. A few others who are not quite so effusive in their praise, still grant that Bing is as good as Google, and the only reason they will continue to stick to Google is habit.

It is not to be expected of course that Google will or should take these comments lightly, and continue to rest on past laurels. Maybe this is the wake up call they need to innovate and further improve their own search engine.