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Blogs About To Get Longer As WordPress Enable Voice

By July 2, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

A new service has recently been introduced by WordPress. They have now made it possible for bloggers to publish a post through their phones.

In order to do this, users will have to enable the feature on their blogs first and generate a secret code. The code will obviously be unique for each user.

Once the code is ready, the bloggers can make a call from a telephone, enter their secret code and then record their blog post by simply speaking it into the telephone mouthpiece!

First time users will have to visit their dashboard, go into ‘My Blogs’, locate the blog to which they wishe to add a post and click ‘Enable’. Then onwards, they can call the phone number listed on the screenand enter their secret code at the appropriate time. After that the user can follow simple instructions provided by WordPress.

If users give out their secret code, others could make use of this code to post updates to the associated blogs. To rectify such a situation, the user would then have to log back in to the ‘My Blogs’ dashboard on the WordPress site and use the ‘Regenerate’ link.

Users can completely disable the service by using the ‘Delete’ link below the secret key, if they should wish to do so.

The voice recorded message can also be posted to Facebook, Twitter and other social sites using the ‘Publicize’ feature.

The maximum amount of time presently allowed for a single recording is one hour. However, this may be changed, at a later stage depending on the feedback and user stats available. If there is silence for a period of 10 seconds the recording will automatically end.

Users do not require additional space upgrades to use this facility. Normal call rates will be applicable.

With the help of this facility, users can post updates to their blogs without having to go through the bother of typing out everything they wish to say. Also it is like reaching out to several different people by making just one phone call.