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Blog Marketing

Blogs are an ideal way to create brand recognition, reach a wider audience and attract visitors seeking the products and services you provide. We can help you avoid mistakes, ensuring your brand gets noticed by influential bloggers and delivers real business benefits.

Why you need blog marketing

A number of companies use blogs extensively to promote their brand and drive traffic to their sites. Mention on certain popular blogs such as Tech Crunch, Perez Hilton and TMZ can drive high levels of traffic, and gain recognition for the brand mentioned.

Quality links

Blog marketing can also be used for reputation management and as a means to obtain high quality inbound links.

Blogger outreach

In addition to having strong relationships with numerous influential bloggers who write about a variety of topics, we also provide a complete blogger outreach and blog marketing service, and can train your team to create effective content that gets featured on popular blogs.

Benefits of blog marketing include:
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Get virtual “recommendations” from trusted bloggers
  • Build a reputation as an authority in your industry
  • Obtain one-way inbound links, which are useful for SEO
  • Influential bloggers will share your content on their social networks, spreading your message even further

We're all working in the results business and AccuraCast deliver results, and do so with value add.

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Why we’re leaders in blog marketing

We’ve been working on blog marketing for many years, and have promoted our clients’ content and message on countless blogs.


We can empower your team with insight to create interesting content that can promote your brand, products, and services.

Comprehensive services

From creation to performance analysis we fast-track your campaigns and can also train your team on core blog marketing skills.


We’re known for innovative and pioneering thinking, coming up with ideas that grab attention and build brand loyalty for our clients.


We’ll build a professional, tech-savvy reputation for your brand in the blogging community, which will be a major asset to your company.