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Digg Promotes Video On Site

By August 29, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

The universal search results phenomenon has reached beyond the realm of search engines and extended to the most popular Web 2.0 sites as well. Facebook has allowed integration of video into user profiles for a while now. Digg launched a new homepage design that brings videos back to the home page, alongside regular news stories.

Digg the Blog, the official weblog of the highly popular social news sharing site announced the launch of their new homepage design this week. The redesigned includes the return of videos to the forefront, streamlined navigation, one-click burial of unpopular content and more customization.

Screenshot of digg's new homepage design with videos and news

The digg team also hint at the arrival of newer content such as images, which will have its own section on the site, alongside news, videos and podcasts. Digg Images is supposed to go live in October, followed by an improved comments system.

Returning videos to the digg homepage indicates the growing popularity of the usage of online video on all types of websites, above and beyond just the dedicated video sharing sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion.