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Jamie Oliver Video Advertising

Jamie Oliver Video Advertising

We worked with Penguin Random House and Jamie Oliver Ltd to promote the celebrity chef’s latest book, Super Food Family Classics. Our objective was to boost engagement through website clicks, and video views, and ultimately book sales on Amazon.

We delivered exceptional results in terms of click-through-rate, cost per click and cost per view – particularly on Facebook, with the target audience highly engaged by our video and static ad recipes.

Marketing Channels

  • Facebook
  • YouTube


Family cooking enthusiasts and healthy food eaters were targeted with ads promoting scrumptious recipes from Jamie Oliver’s latest book, on The Happy Foodie and Jamie Oliver websites. The aim was mainly to drive social engagement and interaction, and subsequently book sales. The 3-4 recipes promoted would change each week to coincide with those demonstrated by Jamie on his TV show on Channel 4. The banner and videos had a sticker so that users could easily draw the connection between the recipes, the show and the new cookbook.

On Facebook, we used a combination of video and static ads to promote the recipes, targeting 48 different unique audiences and narrowing our targeting each day to focus in on the best performing ones. On YouTube, we targeted family cooking interests by Topics, Interests, Keywords and specific Placements. The Placements ad group was constantly honed during the campaign with new channels and added throughout.


  • Over 2.5 million people reached on Facebook, with ads shown almost 9 million times
  • Average CTR of 1.86% on Facebook
  • CPC reduced by 50% during the Facebook campaign
  • Over 500,000 recorded views on YouTube
  • Super Food Family Classics was on the Amazon Books bestsellers section for multiple weeks.