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Facebook adverts are key to the majority of social media campaigns, however as they become more popular newsfeeds are likely to become more cluttered and less effective. This means that Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking powerhouse must develop new forms of advertising in order to ensure continued success and, more importantly, a healthy stream of profit and revenue. This need for a greater number of offerings has already seen the development of ‘logging out’ adverts that appear when a user signs out of Facebook, which is an excellent idea considering the number of people using Facebook from shared devices.

Another form of advert that could soon make it’s way onto Facebook, is sponsored search results and this could mean advertising appearing alongside organic results when you conduct searches. The social networking site have tested the concept, however they are yet to announce whether or not this form of advertising will be rolled out and in which countries it will be available. A spokesperson for the company stated that “We are currently testing a feature that surfaces sponsored results along with the organic results when people are looking for things on Facebook”, but refused to elaborate further.

One thing that it for sure is that concept is based on a cost per click format, in a similar fashion to Google Adwords, however unlike pay per click campaigns, sponsored results will only appear when users search for specific pages/places and not for certain keywords. Another known aspect of the concept is that sponsored stories will only appear within the search bar itself and not in the search results pages, however only time will as to whether this form of Facebook advertising becomes widely used.