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Google AdWords Display Changes

By April 10, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Two minor changes have been made to the Google AdWords display for the top ads that show above the natural search results:

  • The background colour has been changed from blue to yellow.
    Google have made light of this, saying it was “time for a new look”. But surely the months of testing were to pinpoint a colour that would attract the maximum visitor clicks.
  • The clickable area for these ads is now just the top line (the link)
    Previously users were taken to the advertiser landing page if they clicked anywhere in the blue box. This change has been made to prevent users from mistakenly clicking on an ad and then just bouncing back to the Google results page, thereby improving the click quality for advertisers.

The latter of the two changes does not yet seem to have been implemented in Google UK.