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Google And Facebook Get Ridiculously High Brand Exposure

By August 27, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

Recently released reports by various online analytic sites have shown that both Google and Facebook get extremely high rates of exposure in the U.K.

51% of 1,654 people surveyed by online coupon site MyVoucherCodes say they see the Google search engine logo more than 50 times a day. Considering a typical working day to be 8 hours or 480 minutes long, this means that users see the Google logo approximately every 9 minutes.

According to the same study, Microsoft is the next most popular logo and 15% users say that they see its logo most often, while 11% say that Facebook is the most seen logo.

About 47% of users say that Google is their homepage or they navigate to the Google page first. 53% users use the site to check spellings and 52% say that they access Google Search between 10 and 20 times daily.

Data from Hitwise indicates that Facebook accounted for 17% of page views in the U.K. in June 2010. It was found that 1 in 6 page views in the U.K. were served by Facebook, which means that Facebook is undeniably one of the most important websites for online advertisers to focus on.

According to Hitwise data, while Facebook accounted for 7.14% of all internet visits in U.K. in June 2010, Google accounted for 9.59% in the same month.

Among social networks alone, Facebook held 54.5% of the market share in that month.