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Google Docs Launches File Storage Facility

By January 15, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

Over the next few weeks, Google will start rolling out a new feature to enhance the online file storage capacity on Google Docs.

Once this feature is available, users will be able to upload and store any type of file in Google Docs.

This feature is not entirely new, as others such as and Dropbox have offered similar facilities, which allow users to store their files in the cloud and then share them as and when required from any computer, for quite a long while now.

All users will get 1GB of storage space for free. Users can buy more storage space at $0.25 per gigabyte per year. However, enterprise customers will have to pay $17 per gigabyte per year.

This facility has one restriction, though. Each individual file will have to be less than 250 MB. It will not be possible to store larger files, such as full-length feature films.

Users will have the option to keep the files private or public or share them selectively. They will be able to use Google Viewer to view most types of files, but not for videos.

Three third-party apps were also made available with the launch of this service. They were:

  • Memeo Connect – where users can sync files between desktop and Google Docs.
  • Syncplicity – This offers automated backup and file management to businesses.
  • Manymoon – This is an on online project management application and has been integrated with Google Docs.

Rumours about Google launching an online file storage system nicknamed the GDrive circulated on the blogosphere early last year. The file storage facility on Google Docs is what the GDrive was expected to be, except that this offering is tightly integrated with Google Docs, thereby prompting users to use Google Docs if they wish to use Google’s online data storage.