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Google Does Its Bit To Save Energy

By March 24, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Google has always tried to be a socially responsible company, by espousing various causes from time to time. They are now trying to help save energy consumption and thus reduce global warming.

In order to achieve this they will shortly be launching free software, which will enable users to keep tabs on their electricity consumption and improve its efficiency.

In February this year, Google had announced that they would use their software skills to launch a program which would show home energy consumption in real time on the user’s computer or telephone, in an effort to reduce green house gas emissions.

Director for Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Google, Dan Reicher told Reuters that they were already having discussions with various utility companies in the U.S. Europe and Asia, and the product would be made available to the general public shortly. However no specific date has been announced for the launch as yet.

He further says, “When I began getting information about my own home, I discovered that I had a 35 year electric motor running for my heating system. That was using huge amount of electricity. I did not realize that’s the change I need to make in my home.”

It is very likely that such awareness will help others to save substantial amounts of electricity as well.

In the meantime, the software known as PowerMeter or ‘smart’ meter is already being installed in some parts of Australia by the government owned electricity provider EnergyAustralia. This meter will charge higher rates during peak periods and lower rates at other times, thus allowing families to switch to non-peak hours for the usage of certain gadgets, and save on electric bills.

According to studies conducted by Google access to home energy consumption is expected to save between 5 to 15% on monthly electric bills.

The tool that is being developed will be open sourced.