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Google Launches Competitive Research Service

By June 25, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

Last week Google launched a new platform called ‘Trends For Websites’. This marks their entry into the field of competitive research.

Comparisons are bound to be made with Alexa, comScore, Quantacast and others, who are already into that field, but so far have not been very accurate with their analysis.

However Google’s results are expected to be better, because of their huge database of Internet user statistics and websites crawled and advertised via AdWords.

Through this website it will be possible for one to increase his contacts, and build links with others in the same, parallel or complementary fields, and to study the popularity of certain sites over others.

If a user wants to build contacts, he has to simply go into Google Trends, type in the appropriate URL, look for sites that are related to that URL and ask each of them to provide further links. Eventually this can turn into quite a vast chain of links. One can also enter multiple URL’s and see their popularity compared on charts.

According to some people, this could lead to a misuse of technology, as users can use Google’s vast database to snoop around, and gain an unfair edge on ones competitors. However, larger companies have done this sort of competitive research long before the advent of Google, by paying a fee to sites like Hitwise, and comScore.

This kind of network building facility has many advantages the biggest of which is the fact that it is absolutely free.