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The recent launch of Google Street View in Germany has led to a new kind of problem for both, Google and residents who oppose Street View.

When Google first announced, in August, that Street View would be made available in Germany, a lot of people objected to it as it would infringe on their privacy.

Google, therefore, gave users the option to have images of their homes blurred. To do so, home-owners had to register to opt out of Street View by the 15th of September 2010. Those who wished to opt out after that date, would be able to do so by using the Report a Problem tool.

Approximately 3% or 244,237 German households chose to opt out of Street View.

However, some of these people who live in the town of Essen have had to face an unexpected problem.

Houses that have opted out of Google Street View in Essen, Germany

Local media outlets report that the homes of people who have opted out of Street View were pelted by eggs. Additionally, a notice saying “Google’s cool” was pinned on their doors.

Expectedly, Google has refused to accept any responsibility for the act. A spokesperson said, “We respect people’s right to remove their house from Street View and by no means consider this to be acceptable behaviour.”

It can only be assumed that the act was carried out by some fans of Google or vandals who were just looking for a chance to create some trouble.

Germany is not the only place where Street View has had to face resistance. A lawsuit is pending in Switzerland, due to which the publication of photographs on Google Maps has been suspended. In Greece too, Street View operations have been put on hold for now.