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Google-FeedBurner Acquisition Confirmed

By June 4, 2007July 30th, 2023One Comment

Last month’s rumours about Google acquiring FeedBurner were confirmed on June 1st, when Google and FeedBurner officially announced the take over on their respective blogs.

The exact amount Google paid for FeedBurner is not known. Rumour has it that they splashed out $100 Million, ten times the previous years’ revenues. While that is a lot of money in itself, it is mere pocket-change for Google, who have spent 10x as much on some of their other high-profile acquisitions.

Chicago-based FeedBurner provide media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Their Web-based tools, including an extensive feed and blog advertising network, help publishers promote, deliver, and monetize their content on the Web and make feed-based content more accessible and manageable for end users.

The company expects its technologies to be integrated into that of Google. However, they are not saying much on exactly how this will happen and where the two companies’ technologies will meet. There is a good chance that FeedBurner’s advertising model (CPM based ads) will be adapted to enable Google AdWords-style CPC advertising.

The future of feed-based advertising definitely looks brighter now that Google have taken over FeedBurner, and will surely integrate it into their ever-growing array of advertising options.