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Google have launched a program aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary tools to turn their great ideas into new start ups, hence why they have given it the title of “Google for Entrepreneurs”. The key aim is to inspire and encourage budding businessmen and women to create ideas for new businesses and help them to bring these concepts to fruition, through a number of programs and workshops across the globe. Currently they have over 50 initiatives operating in a total of 30 countries and these initiatives and projects are extremely diverse, as Mary Grove, the head of the program, discusses in the video below.

As mentioned in the video, one of the most effective projects involves 54 hours hacking events across weekends and during the conclusion of these, those involved turn their ideas into start ups and begin shaping their companies with Google’s help. Similarly in Google for Entrepreneurs head office, located in Tel-Aviv, they have seen a great number of innovators approaching them with concepts involving the use of technology, which they then offer them support in shaping and developing. The key concept is to provide opportunities for networking and ensure that budding entrepreneurs have the support of trained professionals, with years of industry experience and Mary Grove summed this up in a recent statement, in which she spoke of the project as a way “to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and start ups”. The “Campus London” initiative epitomises this, as start ups are given the opportunity to use office space in a 7 floor building and are given mentoring from knowledgable specialists, who help them implement their ideas.

The program focuses on 3 specific areas, the first of which is developing partnerships with organisations. throughout the world, who aid local entrepreneurs and helping them to increase their resources. Secondly Google also aim to create their own initiatives, which they then manage themselves, and through these they can provide them with the tools to get their projects started, which is the third aspect of their approach. Of course Google are not doing this simply as a gesture of goodwill, although it is certainly admirable that they are committed to aiding new businesses, as through the initiative they are ensuring that their products are used from the very inception of the project and therefore become ingrained in the culture of the company.