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Google Friend Connect Integrates With Twitter

By December 7, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google has recently announced that they are integrating their service Friend Connect with Twitter.

This integration will allow users to access Friend Connect directly when they log in to their Twitter account. In other words, a user will have access to any of the over nine million sites using Google Friend Connect, through their Twitter accounts.

The Twitter profile of the user will be automatically linked to Friend Connect and it will be possible to tweet about the new site membership, without leaving the site. Users will now be able to hold discussions by posting comments on third-party sites and they will also be able to invite new friends to join the site / group through Twitter.

If a site is already linked to Friend Connect, users can now access it via their Google login as well as through Twitter.

This move will now make Friend Connect fairly similar to Facebook Connect, and it will also provide some competition to Yahoo!, which has recently announced integration with Facebook Connect.