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Google have recently added a new feature to their Drive product, in order to improve the level of communication available for users of this product. The ability to converse with others is certainly one of the key features that Drive has been lacking, so the introduction of Drive Chat is welcome news to those who collaborate on files. Drive Chat enables those using the same files and documents on drive to communicate with each other, in a format that is largely reminiscent of Facebook chat. This will make collaboration much easier for users, who can discuss changes in real time and update the document accordingly. Another new feature in Drive is that it will import profile pictures from Google+ and display them in Drive, making the experience more personal for users.

Drive Chat

Drive Chat 2This brings us nicely to the rumours surrounding Google Babble/Babel, which has been referred to by both names in recent media coverage. If the rumours are to be believed then this app will unify Google’s numerous communication offerings, including Hangout, Talk and Drive Chat, and make them accessible from one location. The app is currently being tested and many believe that it will be revealed at May’s I/O conference, with full details expected to be confirmed at this event.

Babble/Babel, we will also have to wait for an official announcement before we know the exact name of the application, would create a hub for Google’s communications tools and create seamless integration across them, vastly improving the user experience. Conversations would no longer be confined to one application, but would instead take place across Google services and file sharing would become much simpler.

How do you think this will effect the likes of BlackBerry and Facebook, who offer Messenger and Chat respectively? Or do doubt that this latest project will be a success? Comment and let us know!