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Google Me Social Platform Might Be Real

By July 1, 2010July 30th, 20232 Comments

Rumours about Google’s new social network, called Google Me, might actually be more than just rumours.

A while ago, Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, mentioned that Google was working on building a full-fledged social network – Google Me. Kevin Rose says that he got his information from a “very credible source”. His tweet, though, has now been deleted from Twitter.

This information has since been backed up by Adam D’Angelo, who was formerly the CTO at Google.

D’Angelo, who worked for Facebook after he left Google, now has his own site, Quora, where he made this announcement. According to him, the Google Me project is more than just a rumour. He says that a lot of people are working on it, and he is very confident about it. He feels that Google has realised that their site Buzz is not good enough o compete with the very rapidly growing Facebook, and hence they would like to set up a full fledged social network of their own, and this is now a high priority task for them.

According to D’Angelo, Google had earlier assumed that Facebook’s growth would slow down in time, but as there is no sign of that happening, they have decided to take up the challenge and start their own social network.

Also, Facebook has now ventured into search, which is traditionally the strong hold of Google, so Google has decided to enter the field of social networks.

Google had tried their hand at social networking in the past with Orkut and later with Buzz, but for one reason or other, both these sites did not too well on a worldwide level, so now they could be starting afresh with Google Me.

It is also obvious that owning a social networking site would improve their potential for advertising, to a very large extent, which means that they will generate more revenue, hence the rush to start the new social network.