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Google Now Eyeing The TV Advertising Market

By November 22, 2007July 30th, 20232 Comments

TechCrunch reports that Google may intend to create a product for television set-top boxes similar to what it has recently done for mobile phones with Android.

Rumour has it that Google may create an open-source hardware platform for television and attract developers to build applications on top of it. As usual, Google will not comment on any such rumour, but speculation has already stirred up the blogosphere once again.

The existence of Google TV Ads has been public knowledge since March 2007. Google TV Ads is currently in closed beta and allows advertisers to buy spots via Echostar’s Dish network. Advertisers receive second-by-second data about viewership data.

Google TV Ads

Vincent Dureau, the head of Google’s TV technology team says, “We are confident we are going to revive the television advertising industry by bringing new advertising to it.”

The prospects are very promising, but till Google officially announces their plans, all predictions about their intentions for TV advertising are nothing more than mere speculation.