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Google Opens Campus London‏

By March 30, 2012July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google has decided to do their bit to encourage entrepreneurs to start new online-based businesses.

They have set up a new facility called ‘Campus London’ to help the growth of new technologies and allied businesses. This facility has been set up in the East of London, in a neighbourhood known as ‘Tech City’.

Campus London is a seven storey building that will provide space for those who wish to innovate and develop new internet based technologies.

The U.K.’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP has officially launched the Campus. He later took a round of the premises and found that innovators ranging from fashion trend setting websites to London leisure guides were already making use of this facility. On day one itself, the place was 90% occupied with over 100 people on site and a further 4500 who have signed up for a visit online.

Google has started this facility in collaboration with Central Working, Tech Hub, Seedcamp and Springboard.

Apart from providing a good workspace for the new entrepreneurs Campus London will also offer a good environment from which to set up the business as also host daily events, run a regular speaker series, alongside lectures and programming, Local Google teams will also provide training to the entrepreneurs.

Services like a café, co-working space and high speed Wi-fi capability are already available to visitors on the site. Google hopes to be able to encourage interaction between people from various fields such as investors, developers, designers, lawyers, accountants and others thus leading to the development of new businesses and further enhancing the economy.