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Google Plays Second Fiddle To CNN

By June 20, 2008No Comments

A year ago the news network CNN, launched a comprehensive news site, It has now come to light that in just one year, they have beaten the search market leader, where news is concerned. This information was revealed during a survey, which was conducted by Google’s subsidiary DoubleClick.

According to the study, of the 500 people surveyed, 57% were found to use CNN, for news-related searches while 53% used Google. They were followed by MSNBC with 41%, Yahoo with 40% and with 31%.

Further analysis of the study reveal, that one third of the participants said they could find a relevant news video, to their query, at the first attempt, most of the time, while another one third said, they could find the most up-to-date news most of the time, at the first attempt itself.

36% of the participants said, they were Very Likely, to watch a news video, which was listed on a search results page, while they were searching for a news story.

35% of them said they were Very Likely to watch a news video, embedded in a news article.

33% of the respondents felt that they would like to watch more videos in search results, while 20% disagreed with this view, and 47% were neutral.

It was also found that, 51% of people watch video news for under 1 hour a week, while 49% watch video news for over 1 hour a week, and only about 25% watch video news for over 3 hours a week.

79% of users use Search to know the local news. Of these 42% use the local station name as a query, 31% use the city name and 17% use the zip code of the area.

However it was found that TV still beats the Internet as a primary source of news.

Two thirds of the participants in this study were aged between 35 and 64 years, and more than one third of these had an income of over $100,000 per year.