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Google Related

By August 17, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

Google has just announced the launch of a new feature called ‘Google related’. This feature will be a new toolbar for the Internet Explorer as well as for the Google Chrome browser.

As the name suggests, this new feature will show users additional content ‘related’ to the topic they are reading about, even as they read about it.

With the help of Google Related users will be able to view other content relative to that topic — like videos, product reviews, or other mentions of the product across the web.

Users will be able to see the related content n a thin bar at the bottom of the screen. Hovering the mouse over the bar will cause it to expand, enabling the user to view the content directly in the browser window without having to open a new tab or window. If users come across some information of interest to them they can use the built in +1 button.
This feature will make it very easy for users to find contextual content. Google Related is a step in the right direction for optimising websites and hence will be of use to marketers.