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Google has just announced that they will be discontinuing several of their products in due course of time.

Co-founder Larry Page who took over as CEO last April has decided that they should shut down several of their products that are no longer very popular or have become redundant, due to the arrival of newer more sophisticated products.

Over 30 products have been shortlisted for the exercise. Among them the better known ones are iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and Google Video.

Google Mini, which was launched in 2005, will be discontinued from 31st July. Google will however, continue to provide technical support to Mini customers for the duration of their contracts and they will be provided with more details soon.

Google Talk Chatback will also be discontinued and users are being advised to use Meebo bar instead.

Google Video has already stopped taking uploads since mid 2009. Users can download or migrate their content by August 20 after which it will be automatically transferred to YouTube.

iGoogle, will be shut down on 1st November 2013, giving users 16 months “to adjust or export their data.”

The Symbian Search App will also be discontinued shortly.