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Google To Work With PayPal

By October 11, 2010July 30th, 20232 Comments

For some time now, there have been rumours about a possible partnership between Google and PayPal to enable payment of Android Apps.

The Street reports that the deal is in the final stages of completion. Reliable sources have even revealed that the deal may be announced as soon as the 26th of October, when PayPal holds its developers conference in San Francisco.

So far, Google has only offered their own payment system, CheckOut, as a mode of payment for users who buy various applications from the Android Market. This system, which requires users who don’t already have an account to create one or enter their credit card number is a little cumbersome, and can dissuade potential buyers.

The mode of payment that Google has used so far has created difficulties not only for users, but also for the developers. The introduction of PayPal as a mode of payment, will not only simplify the payment procedure for those who buy apps from the Android Market, but this will also help Google to compete with Apple’s App Store and iTunes, which use a single click mode of payment.

Developers have also had several problems with Google’s payment system, including the fact that foreign currencies are not easily accepted. Google accepts paid apps in only about 13 countries, while Apple does so in about 90 countries.

A deal between Google and PayPal could help streamline all these hassles, and at the same time, give competitors such as Apple and BlackBerry a run for their money.