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Google Tries To Allay Click Fraud Fears

By February 6, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Introducing a click quality team to the general public seems to be a sensible way to stop advertisers worrying about fraudulent clicks on their AdWords accounts. Or so Google thinks!

The Inside AdWords official Google blog about AdWords introduced “Julian” from the clicks quality team. Julian offered some information about how advertisers can request Google to investigate suspicious clicks and tips on how to monitor logs for click fraud.

The tips he offered can be summarised as follows:

  • Click here to contact the click quality team to request an investigation
  • Ensure that you, yourself, havent done anything to increase traffic e.g. raise your budget, cpc etc.
  • Discrepancies in web log reporting and AdWords clicks reporting are typically due to bad hit counters or Google having automatically filtered invalid clicks and not reporting on them
  • Use auto-tagging to verify whether multiple clicks from the same IP address were due to users refreshing their browser or clicking repeatedly on your ad
  • Run the invalid clicks report to see how many invalid clicks are automatically detected and adjusted for by Google.