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Google announced at the I/O conference this week that they will soon be selling two new laptop devices called Chromebooks.

According to Google, a Chromebook is a computer-like object that will allow users to do everything that they can on the Web, so that they get a “faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers”.

The Chromebook will have a start-up time of just 8 seconds. The device will ship with Wi-Fi and 3G access built in, and everything will be stored in the “cloud”, thus enabling users to work from any place with network access. This will also eliminate the need for anti-virus protection. The operating system will automatically update, eliminating the need to buy expensive new operating systems every 3-5 years.

With a starting price of $350 or £216, the Chromebook will be cheaper than a high-street PC or laptop or even the iPad. However, it will not be cheaper than entry-level Dell notebooks, which could make it less attractive to corporate buyers who also prefer the familiarity of Microsoft Windows, which comes pre-installed on Dell machines.

“We think this will fundamentally change the way people use computing in companies”, said Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior VP of Chrome.

The Chromebook will be made available on June 15 on and Best Buy in the USA and other outlets in the U.K. France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Details on the Chromebook can be found at:

Corporate Chromebooks

Business buyers will have two Chromebook hardware options to choose from:

Manufacturer Acer Samsung
Screen 11.6″ 12.1″
Weight 1.34 kg 1.48 kg
Battery 6 hours of continuous usage 8.5 hours of continuous usage
Price (3 year contract term) – € 21/subscription/month with WiFi

– € 23/subscription/month with WiFi and 3G access card

– € 23/subscription/month with WiFi

– € 25/subscription/month with WiFi and 3G access card

The Chromebooks for Business subscription will include:

  • Chromebook computers running the Chrome operating system
  • Web-based management of user, device and application policies via an easy-to-use admin console
  • 24/7 email and phone support for Chromebook administrators, as well as access to the Google Enterprise Support Portal, which has answers on how to set device and user policies as well as other Chromebook related topics
  • Device replacement and warranties.

Google is currently only able to process Chromebook for Business orders of 10 subscriptions or more.