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Google’s New Phone

By October 21, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Suddenly, the market is abuzz with rumours that Google is going to launch a mobile handset, which has actually been manufactured by them.

The rumour originated on, which said that an official handset branded by Google is to be launched soon. The rumour further suggests that the handset is being made by Google in partnership with an as yet undisclosed manufacturer of smartphones.

It has also been mentioned that the said phone is most likely to be launched before the end of this year, and will be made available to users through retailers instead of carriers, as has been the practice so far. It is also believed that this phone will be compatible with any service provider in sharp contrast to the exclusive tie-up which the iPhone has with AT&T.

The article mentions that the source of this rumour is one Mr. Ashok Kumar of Northeast Securities, who claims to have spoken with Google’s design partners about the said phone, and its product release strategy.

The article says “If talk of the Google phone plan is true, the entrance of a unlocked, low-cost, web friendly touchscreen device will probably undercut other Android phone efforts by players like Motorola, Samsung and Dell.

Obviously, if these rumours turn out to be true, the new phone will provide stiff competition to existing as well soon to be launched handsets. While this news does seem too good to be true, only time will tell, whether this is just another rumour or fact.