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GreenBorder Acquisition By Google In Stealth Mode

By May 29, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

GreenBorder is an Internet security software that allows users to safeguard their PC by creating isolated Internet sessions where users can surf, download and open files and applications; and once they are done the software just deletes all temporary files and cache.

Google acquired GreenBorder on 11 May 2007. Yet, word of the acquisition has only got out since yesterday, and that too, amid much speculation about Google’s actual intentions with the new acquisition. It is safe to say that Google will either use the software to enable its users to browse the Internet safely, or will bundle it with other Google software, such as the Google Desktop Search to safeguard user information.
The entire acquisition has been very muted. The GreenBorder website only recently posted a little note that said:

GreenBorder Technologies, Inc. has been acquired by Google, Inc. We will continue to support our existing customers through the end of their current subscriptions.

While some speculate that Google might move into the field of Internet security, this seems rather unlikely but not impossible. What’s more likely is that Google will just use the security product to enhance its other offerings, but nevertheless there will be ramifications on the IT security market, just as Google’s purchase of Urchin ruffled quite a few feathers in the Web Analytics industry.