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Has Skype Really Become Social?

By October 19, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

Popular voice over IP service, Skype, has launched a new version, which allows users to connect easily with their Facebook friends.

Users must install the new Skype version 5.0 for windows to avail of the new facilities that were launched last week. After downloading the new version of Skype, users can import contacts from Facebook into their Skype address book by signing in to their Facebook accounts. They can then send an SMS or make a call to their Facebook friends. The Skype-to-Skype service via Facebook will be free of cost.

What makes this integration really interesting and far superior to many other Facebook integrations is that users will also be able to check their Facebook news feed, post status updates, like updates and add comments directly from Skype.

If users include a phone number on their Facebook profiles, they can receive calls from other users through Skype. This can be a call to a landline or a mobile number.

A new search feature will automatically shift the friends to the top of the listings. There are also plans to introduce a call conferencing facility for up to 10 people. This service will, however, not be free.

Ethan Beard, Director of Facebook’s Developer Network says, “We’re working with companies such as Skype to make it easy to find your friends anytime you want to connect.”

Call services are only available through the Skype interface. Users who have signed up to use Facebook on Skype won’t see any changes on the web interface.

This new service will be especially appreciated by those who stay far away from home, as they will find it easier and cheaper to stay in touch with friends and family.