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Joost Positioning Itself To Combat YouTube

By March 2, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Online video is definitely big news this year, with a large chunk of advertisers intending to invest in marketing via this relatively new medium. Joost, a start up created by the founders of Skype, is positioning itself to challenge the current leader in the online video market, YouTube.

Whereas YouTube has been built on user generated content, Joost is relying on partnerships with large media companies that generate copyright protected content for television and video, which is an area that YouTube seems to face continued problems due to copyright infringements and lack of structured agreements with high-end content providers.

Joost’s most recent victory in their quest to dominate the premium video content market came yesterday in the form of a a distribution deal with JumpTV, who own the rights to 270 TV stations in 70 countries. This follows previous deals that give Joost access to content from MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount and more.