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Industry Trends Integrates With Xbox LIVE

By November 27, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

Microsoft recently integrated the Xbox 360 console with social music site, Reports of user uptake of this service have been very positive so far.

In fact, it has been learnt that in the U.S. and U.K. close to 1 million new users have signed up for the service through Xbox LIVE during just the first week of introduction of the service.

1 million new users is definitely a huge number by any standards. According to sources, it is the largest growth spurt seen by ever since the service was introduced way back in 2002. The total number of Xbox 360 users is in the range of 20 million, so an addition of 1 million in just 1 week, is all the more noteworthy.

It has also been reported that 120 million minutes of music have been accessed on since the integration with Xbox 360 took place last week.

Xbox 360 can now claim to have avenues of entertainment, other than their gaming services.

Xbox LIVE Silver members have been given a free trial offer of 180 minutes free music streaming time, while Gold members have been given unlimited access. Another option that has been offered to users is an additional subscription at $3/month for ad-free, uninterrupted music.

While the new service is interesting, it is not possible for users to listen to the music while gaming, though this might become possible in the future.