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Microsoft Eyeing 24/7 Real Media

By May 3, 2007July 30th, 20232 Comments

Advertising giant WPP and software giant Microsoft are rumoured to be the main contenders for ownership of 24/7 Real Media, one of the largest digital media marketing agencies.

The WPP group of companies includes the likes of Ogilvy, Mindshare and Mediacom. However, its might fades in significance to the financial powerhouse that is Microsoft, and if the two enter into a bidding war, Microsoft will win.

Microsoft has been struggling gain a significant presence in the Internet marketing industry for the past few years, but has continually failed most attempts to out-perform Google, whose recent purchase of affiliate marketing company, DoubleClick was yet another thorn in Microsoft’s side.

Bill Gates and Co. might have to pay as much as $1 Billion to buy 24/7 Real Media. Though, whether this affects Google or DoubleClick in any way is left to be seen.