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Microsoft launched Bing Deals back in April of this year. They’ve now re-launched the service in an attempt to once again try and break into the daily deals market.

There are over 300 websites providing daily deals to consumers. The total number of deals being offered is over 200,000, which is a really huge and a daunting task to sift through.  It could put off even the most ardent shoppers, if they had to search through such a huge number of deals, in order to find the deal that is of interest to them.

The new Bing Deals service was launched with a view to simplify the process and help users to find daily deals that would be of interest to them.

Bing Deals is not a new programme. It is now just a place where deals from several of the most popular sites are presented together. Bing Deals will function as a one-stop shop where over 200,000 deals from the U.S. will be presented to users at one go, without having to browse several websites.

Some of the sites featured are Groupon, LivingSocial, Target and Nordstrom. Deals are organised by retailer, location, keywords and category such as restaurants, spas, entertainment, etc.

Deal search results are visually organised to help users select deals of interest. The top daily deals in any given locality are displayed on the homepage. These deals generally offer savings of between 30%-50%. More features are likely to be added to this service in due course.

Bing Deals homepage grouping deals by store and category