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Microsoft Trumps Google Again With BingTweets

By July 15, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Microsoft is really sticking to the promise they made of providing further innovations to their new decision engine, Bing. Following closely on the heels of the integration of Bing into Hotmail, they have now presented another novel service called BingTweets.

Twitter users often look up the latest or trending topics at a particular time, as indicated in the right-hand column when logged in on Twitter. Then, in order to find out more about the topic, users have to query a search engine to get the latest news, presumably from more reliable sources.

BingTweets eliminates the need for users to go to another site for the search process.

Rather than adding the functionality to, Microsoft has chosen to launch a new site,, which automatically provides search results for topics currently trending on Twitter.

Users can now go directly to and check out what the trending topics are at that point of time and get search results for those topics on the same page.

When a user on BingTweets clicks on one of the trending topics, its search results are provided alongside without having to click further or load a new page. In fact, even the website that is linked to within the search results loads within the same frame, allowing users to stay within BingTweets, without needing to leave it to get details on any interesting topics.

Another interesting feature of BingTweets is a ‘Share This’ option, which allows users to tweet or email the search results to their contacts. In fact, users can even post them on various other social networking sites via the Share This tool.

If such innovations continue, it looks as though Microsoft may really be able to make some in-roads in the search market, which has so far been dominated by Google.


The screenshot below shows BingTweets in action.