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Microsoft Windows 8 Targets Desktop And Tablet

By September 12, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

Microsoft is all set to launch their new operating system, known as Windows 8. Industry analysts predict that the operating system could bring Microsoft back to the forefront of technology.

Windows 8 and a number of devices running the operating system are expected to launch tomorrow during the Microsoft Build Conference in California.

Microsoft will use its latest operating system to compete with the Apple iPad. The iPad, which was launched about one and a half years ago, is believed to have sold over 25 million units thanks to a lot of marketing and the usual hype surrounding an recent Apple product launch.

So far, competitors to the iPad, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Touch Pad by HP and the RIM Playbook have failed to dent the popularity of the iPad.

Microsoft hopes that the Windows 8 OS will be able to function equally well on both desktops as well as tablets. For this to happen, Microsoft will have to convince app builders to add one more operating system to their development schedules.

Initially, Windows will only roll out a test version of this new OS. It may be almost a year before the tested version is put up for sale worldwide as they will have to ensure that this system works equally well for desktops and tablets.