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Mixx Debuts Ad Rating Service

By May 11, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

The social book marking site Mixx has introduced a new service, called ‘the sifter’, which will enable “elite” members of Mixx to vote on five different ads of any format that an advertiser uploads, thus giving the advertisers an idea of which ad will be the most effective.


Mixxers vote for these ads by grading them from 1 to 5. They also provide private qualitative feedback on the subject. Mixx then compiles the data received, according to gender, age group, and top interests of the voters, and provides this information to the marketers without revealing private information about the users.

The highest rated ads will be displayed at various appropriate places on Mixx.

This could be a mutually beneficial scheme for all concerned. Advertisers will benefit from it, as they will get feedback to predict the overall performance of their ads.

Mixx will earn money through this programme, as advertisers will be charged $8,000 to display their banners, designs and videos to top Mixxers and get feedback.

Top ranked Mixx users will be encouraged to vote on Sifter, as they will earn even more Karma points by doing so, and could win special gifts such as $25 iTunes vouchers for voting.

Mixx CEO Chris McGill says only elite voters who have a minimum of 500 Karma points, have been active on the site for two weeks and have displayed no bad behaviour will be allowed to vote, to ensure genuine results.

He says the sifter will help advertisers by giving them feedback on the possible performance of their creatives within a week and also allowing them to target their audience demographically, thus helping to make optimum use of the money they spend.

While Mixx intends to continue keeping their site clean, instead of having ads floating all over the site, this new platform will allow them to earn money, thus keeping their investors happy.

Interested users can find Sifter marked in blue on the main navigation menu on Mixx. One of the ad creative sets featured on Sifter came from Terminator Salvation, as seen below: